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Dahlias from seed are unpredictable and can vary greatly from the parent plant. These seeds are collected from my collarette dahlias but are open pollinated from my garden, where I grow every color dahlia, meaning you never know what beauties you could get. Growing from seed is how you produce new dahlia varieties, they will not be the same as the parent plant, however they could inherit some qualities of the parent plant. Most of the flowers will have open centers, which will attract lots of pollinators to your garden. You may get occasional doubles. If you discover a variety you love, tubers can be saved and planted out the following year.  Dahlia seeds germinate at all different times, some take much longer than others, some can germinate in 2 days others take a month in the same conditions. 



Dahlia Seeds From Collarette Dahlias (OPEN POLLINATED)


Sow seeds indoors in trays or pots 4 to 8 weeks before your last frost. I like to use "wet paper towel" method to pre-germinate before placing the seeds in seed-starting soil. Dahlias have a tendency to germinate sporadically, so please be patient. Some takes only 2 days to sprout, others take few weeks. Wait until the weather is consistently warm before transitioning young plants into the garden. They thrive in warm envrionment. 

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