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"Wallflowers" Collection

This collection embodies my fascination of the fleeting moments of nature and its imperfect yet delicate beauty. Every piece captures the essence of the ever-changing expressions through the use of contrasting colors & textures.

The process of each pieces starts with an observation of shadows, every line embracing the empty space. Shadows are often described as a true representation of the inner self. I wanted to highlight this inner state of resilience, strength, and beauty that we can also relate as a human being.

I attempted to create something that is simple and quiet at first glance, but as you look closely, you will notice the intimate and intricate details. Shadows are conveyed through meticulously stitched thread. Form and texture takes centerstage with the addition of color serving as a backdrop.  

This collection is both representational and metaphorical. It is embracing the poetic and unique personalities of nature while affirming what is essential is invisible to the eye. I want each piece to bring you a moment of serenity, reflection, and connection. 

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