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I am a contemporary artist working with watercolor and thread to create landscape, floral, and abstract art inspired by nature. My process begins intuitively, then transitions into exploring the role of unnatural element. I incorporate embroidery details on top of paints, utilizing the stitches much as a painter uses their brushes, creating depth and movement with the thread. My intention is to reflect the beauty that nature offers, while at the same time, explore the role of unnatural elements that exists within it, how human's desires can turn something so imperfectly beautiful into something artificial, synthetic, and too perfect. 

Artist Statement


My art comes from thoughts and emotions derived from human imperfections. I’ve been fascinated with the idea of human nature; having complex feelings, ideas, and the natural instinct to be so unnatural. This concept is integrated with inspirations from nature, where I feature the organic shapes and natural forms I encounter. In my work, I like to balance the opposites, such as controlled/uncontrolled, planned/unplanned, natural/unnatural elements, to explore and express the contradictions and complexities of human nature and the beauty of imperfection. 


About Ayaka

Ayaka grew up in a small town in Yamaguchi, Japan, and spent her childhood creating art and sewing stuffed dolls. When she was 11 years old, she and her family moved to  the USA. At the time, she faced language barrier and realized that art was a universal language. Art became not only a leisure activity but a form of communication and expression, a way to connect with others. She went to Syracuse University and got her degree and graduated in 2009 with a BFA in Fashion Design. She currently works from her home studio in Lake Orion, Michigan in the USA. 




Art in the Hills

Auburn Hills Public Library, Auburn Hills, MI, USA

 "Postcards for Patricia"

The Art of Custom Framing, Troy, MI, USA


Holiday Market

The Art of Custom Framing, Troy, MI, USA

Artist of the Month Exhibition

Eli Tea Bar, Birmingham, MI, USA

Holiday Market

The Art of Custom Framing, Troy, MI, USA

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