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My art celebrates the transient beauty found in nature, evoking a sense of wonder and admiration for the natural world. Through the appreciation of nature’s aesthetics, my aspiration is to inspire more individuals to immerse themselves in it and cultivate a desire to conserve and protect it.  

Artist Statement


Drawing inspiration from experiences with the natural world, I combine embroidery with painting and various mediums, resulting in mixed media works that are ethereal and inviting viewers to engage and explore. I use sewing machine as a drawing tool, creating a rough yet delicate lines with thread stitching. I am particularly interested in the nature of thread being strong but intricate; embroidery being permanent yet possessing the appearance of fragility. 


About Ayaka

I am a mixed media artist based in Michigan. I work with watercolor and thread to create works inspired by the natural world. Growing up in the countryside of Japan, nature was my constant companion. Majestic mountains surrounded my home, and plants and flowers were always a part of my imaginative play. From a young age, I developed a deep admiration for the inherent beauty of nature. Earning BFA at Syracuse University in Fashion Design, I incorporate my sewing skill in my artwork while exploring variety of surfaces such as paper, tulle and fibers.




Art in the Hills

Auburn Hills Public Library, Auburn Hills, MI, USA

 "Postcards for Patricia"

The Art of Custom Framing, Troy, MI, USA


Holiday Market

The Art of Custom Framing, Troy, MI, USA

Artist of the Month Exhibition

Eli Tea Bar, Birmingham, MI, USA

Holiday Market

The Art of Custom Framing, Troy, MI, USA

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