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Wisdom | 22" Hoop



This artwork represents the virtue of patience. 

China Asters are day light sensitive, which means they initiate flowering when the day-length is appropriate for the flower. As a beginner gardener, I didn't know this and planted the seeds without much thought. Throughout the summer, the plant kept growing but no buds appeared while other flowers were in full bloom. I started to doubt myself, thinking I had mislabeled or bought the wrong seeds. Then, towards the end of summer, the beautiful aster finally bloomed. I knew I had to capture its beauty. With its delicate layers of petals, this elegant flower became the highlight of my garden. I decided to create my first major piece based on it to challenge myself to be patient and dedicate a lot of time to one project. It taught me that patience is truly rewarding. 

Wisdom 22"


Thread, Watercolor, Stabilizer, Tulle, Metal Hoop, O-Ring

22" hoop


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