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Bee's Choice | 10" Hoop


The single-flowered dahlias have a different look compared to the typical dahlias that people usually admire. Instead of having multiple layers of petals, these dahlias have a daisy-like form with broad petals surrounding a central disc. Even though they may not be as popular among people, bees and other pollinators are attracted to these blooms because they offer easy landing spots and access to pollen. It makes total sense that this is actually the main genetic trait of dahlias. Unlike tubers, which produce identical copies of the parent plant, seeds have a complex genetic diversity. This means that each seedling can surprise us with unique blooms, showcasing characteristics that may not be found in its parents.


This piece is inspired by one of my dahlias I grew from seeds in 2023. 

Bee's Favorite 10"


Thread, Watercolor, Stabilizer, Tulle, Metal Hoop, O-Ring

10" hoop


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