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French Marigold | 7" Hoop


French Marigolds are my favorite marigolds of all. I truly think they deserve more credit for their presence. So underrated. So much to love about them. Insects love them. Vegetables love them. Dyers love them.

They don't just draw in those pollinators, they also draw in predatory insects that will eat aphids and other pests which can damage other flowers and vegetables in the garden. They are such a workhorse and small enough to tuck them everywhere throughout my garden. The petals make a wonderful orange dye, and I love incorporating them in my bundle-dyed ribbons. They are also edible, so they are safe for kids and pets. What more can I say.


If flowers were categorized into professions, Marigolds are definitely "stay-at-home moms & dads". They do everything, they take care of everyone else. Cheers to Marigolds.  

French Marigold 7"


Thread, Watercolor, Stabilizer, Tulle, Metal Hoop, O-Ring

7" hoop


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