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Jewel in the Crown I 14" Hoop


Once you delve into the world of growing these magnificent flowers, you'll find yourself captivated forever. They are just that magical. So many colors, shapes, and sizes. It's fascinating how even the same plant can surprise you with different shades of blooms. They thrive in mid summer until the last frost. They are cut-and-come agains, meaning the more you cut, the more they reward you with beautiful blooms. It's a magic, really.

2023 was when I started gifting my flowers to friends and neighbors, and I love including dahlias. It's incredible how dahlias always become the center of attention and spark delightful conversations. Despite being an introvert, this flower allows me to connect with people on a deeper level. It's a wonderful feeling to share the joy and wonder that dahlias bring into my life.

Jewel in the Crown 14"


Thread, Watercolor, Stabilizer, Tulle, Metal Hoop, O-Ring

14" hoop


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