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Twin Snapdragons | 14" Hoop


Snapdragons are beloved by my children. It brings me the fondest memories of our time together in the garden last summer. When the corners of the flower are gently squeezed, the petals snap open like a dragon's mouth. My children find these flowers to be the most fascinating of all! It's truly amazing how such tiny seeds, like poppy seeds, can transform into such tall and striking flowers. Growing them is a joy, as is creating arrangements with them. These snapdragons are some of the toughest flowers in my garden. Despite enduring the coldest nights, they continue to thrive and grow. I am looking forward to growing more of them. 


Twin Snapdragons 14"


Thread, Watercolor, Stabilizer, Tulle, Metal Hoop, O-Ring

14" hoop


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