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Thread | Handmade Paper | 8" x 10"

Framed in 12" x 15" natural wood frame with metallic gold inset


“The most beautiful people are not those thought to be ideal. They are the ones who have suffered, endured and overcome pain. They are scarred and imperfect. But they are strong and stand out for their spirit, their smiles brighter for the darkness they have experienced. They are real.”

 – Tommy Cotton


Click HERE to read more about the inspiration.

"Ephemeral" | 8"x10" in 12"x15" | Framed Original Artwork


This original embroidery art is created with embroidery thread and pins on 100% Recycled Handmade Paper by local metro-Detroit artist.

Coallged on 140lb/300g watercolor paper. 

Signed and dated by the artist on the back. 

Frame Included.

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