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Watercolor & thread | 100% Cotton Paper | 4.5" x 6"

Framed in 10" x 12" natural wood frame with metallic gold inset


“Her beauty wasn't just skin deep. It was her character: the ability to walk through mud and never let it slow her, to go through hell but never lose sight of where she wanted to be, to fall, but rise higher every time she stood. It was her strength in the face of everything that was thrown at her. That type of beauty ran all the way through her heart and soul.”

 – Tommy Cotton


Click HERE to read more about the inspiration.

"Resilience" | 4.5"x6" in 10"x12" | Framed Original Artwork


This original mixed media painting is created on 100% Cotton Paper, 140lbs/300 gsm, deckled paper.

Painted with Holbein watercolors, embroidered with thread.

Signed and dated by the artist on the back. 

Frame Included.

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