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Watercolor | 100% Cotton Paper | 8" x 10"

Framed in 13" x 16" natural wood frame with metallic gold inset


The word "Wabi" expresses simplicity, impermanence, flaws and imperfection. It is about recognizing beauty in humble simplicity. 


The word "Sabi" expresses the passing of time, the ageing process and impermanent nature of all things. It suggests that beauty exsists and enhances because of these characteristics. 


Together 'wabi-sabi' means the acceptance and appreciation of the imperfect and impermanent nature of all things. It is truly about celebrating imperfection. 

Click HERE to read more about the inspiration.

"Wabi" | 8"x10" in 13"x16" | Framed Original Artwork


This original mixed media painting is created on 100% Cotton Paper, 140lbs/300 gsm, deckled paper.

Painted with Holbein watercolor.

Signed and dated by the artist on the back. 

Frame Included.

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